Reservation Chart – Hospitality Management Solution

Hotel Management System: Overall View of the Reservation Chart

In working with hotels, where much goes on at a tremendous pace, efficiency and clarity are the big components that are needed to properly perform our functions and give guests the best experience we can offer. The reservation chart of our hotel management system is built to provide the hotel manager with an overall, detailed, and intuitive view of all the reservations and room occupancy statuses.

Key Features

  1. Full View of Occupancy The reservation chart provides an overview of the occupancy status of the hotel. At a glance, managers can easily find out about the availability of vacant, occupied, arrival, due out, reserved, blocked, or dirty rooms. It is a high-level view of everything happening to allocate guests into rooms and to schedule cleanings or maintenance.
    • Vacant: Know which rooms are up for grabs for new bookings.
    • Occupied: All rooms that are currently occupied by your guests.
    • Arrival: To be able to check in when they arrive and confirm the number of expected guests.
    • Due Out: and their room departure date.
    • Reserved: To get information on which rooms are booked for other dates.
    • Blocked: To inform which rooms are temporarily unavailable for booking.
    • Dirty: To track rooms to be cleaned before they can be assigned to some other guest.
  2. Detailed Reservation Information A manager can zoom into each reservation to see the details; it’s not only the guest name but also the booking date and special request. This will ensure that no guest preference is lost and personal service can be offered.
  3. Categorization by Booking Type The reservation chart will categorize bookings by type: direct bookings, OTAs, corporate bookings, and other sources. The categorization can help to analyze booking trends and optimize revenue management strategies.
  4. Date Filter Using, managers can easily move between dates and all sorts of changes in between these dates. This information is very useful when scheduling and controlling future occupancy, so that the hotel’s peak and special event periods can be efficiently managed.

Benefits to the Hotel Manager

  • Quick Decision-Making: With all reservation and occupancy data at hand, managers can make informed decisions faster, in turn boosting operational effectiveness.
  • Improved Guest Experience: Detailed and arranged information about each reservation helps managers take care of all needs and issues of guests beforehand.
  • Operational Efficiency: The view of the statuses of rooms and upcoming reservations includes the planning for housekeeping and maintenance work to minimize downtime and maximize room availability.
  • Strategic Planning: Booking types and trends can be analyzed in order to drive targeted marketing and price optimization, improving revenue.
  • Effective Communication: Better communication among the hotel staff is assured since everybody is on the same page with clear room statuses and reservation details.

The booking chart of our hotel management system is an indispensable tool for the modern hotel manager, as it grants an outline and control essential for a successful hotel. Be efficient, raise the level of guests’ satisfaction, and increase your hotel’s revenue with this powerful feature.Reservation Chart-Hospitality Management Solution